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Ten Days Ago - Sam Sampson, a hack writer for the New York Post, dials 911. He's put on hold. He can wait. So can the two goons on his couch, the cop in his bath tub, and the blond in his bed. They're all dead. It started ten days ago. Available for download on Smashwords.

The Enlightenment and Collected Works of Handle Potter - Handle Potter, a mildly depressed bank teller from New York City, struggles to find purpose and meaning in his mundane life. He finds it on the corner of 30th Street and Seventh Avenue.

The Spamdaquiri Effect - Nobody has heard of them, but the Spamdaquiri Family has changed the course of history.



The Night Reginald Filbert Called it Quits, a comedy, was Grand Prize winner of the Festival of New Works at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre in 2006. (Review: The Pulse) (Review: News Free Press) (Poster) Available for download on Smashwords.

Rosemary Leaves tells the story of a man, who while undergoing psychotherapy, is driven to an act of violence. Who is at fault - the patient or the therapist? Rosemary Leaves explores one man's relationship to women, challenges the entitlement of those in authority, and examines the sometimes fine line between reality and fantasy. Produced by the Chattanooga State Repertory Theatre in July, 2009 with the following cast: Don Stallings, Jessie Knowles, Mattie Waters, and Brenda Schwab. A workshop production was presented in New York City at The New Actors Workshop. The cast included John Zibell, Susan G. Bob, Leslie Cohen, and Sophia Politis. Available for download on Smashwords

The Nutcracker Christmas Carol, a holiday musical, has become a holiday staple for the Chattanooga State Repertory Theatre. Local critics said of the show - "...phenomenal", "...original and captivating", "...innovative...wacky", "the next Christmas classic", "...a hoot", "...make it a part of your holiday tradition" and "...among Santa's heartwarming gifts". Check out the article in Chatter Magazine. (Poster}

The Heretic, a drama set in England in 1539, explores the last days of Bishop John Stokesley as he struggles with his decision to burn heretics - including William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into the mother tongue. Available for download on Smashwords.

Ties, a comedy/drama set in an Upper West Side apartment in New York City. What happens to a man who loses his wife after sixty-two years of marriage?

The Learning Pool, his current project, explores life in a pool hall.




Staff Writer:

Jackpot (Bob Stewart Productions/ABC) - Rex wrote over 3,000 riddles for Jackpot. Six minutes and twelve seconds into the movie Thelma and Louise you can hear one of Rex's riddles. (Thelma is at home getting ready to leave with Louise. The television on her kitchen counter is tuned to "Jackpot." Mike Darrow reads one of Rex's riddles.) Thelma and Louise screenwriter, Callie Khouri won an Oscar for "Best Original Screenplay." Rex often wonders if he should have shared the podium with her.

Double Talk (Bob Stewart Productions/ABC) - word play - Bob called Rex into his office. "Rex. I've got some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?" Rex replied "I can guess the bad news. The show is cancelled." "Right." "What's the good news?" "I'm promoting you to Associate Producer." "Yes!"

Top Card (Reid/Land Productions/TNN) - trivia. Rex was almost fired for writing "expresso" on one of his trivia submissions instead of the proper "espresso." He will never make that mistake again, even though he has never had a cup of expresso and probably never will.

Academic Bowl (PBS) - intellectual trivia. Rex was glad he went to college even though the money he was paid didn't make a dent in his student loans.

BMTV - During the latter part of the last century, Rex co-wrote with friend Josh Schreider the cult classic video, BMTV: Bizarre Music Television, for Rhino Records.

Screenplays - Rex has written numerous screenplays. He has had to change the titles of two of them - Eraser and The Matrix - as other writers got them to the screen first. His Eraser was a better screenplay. His Matrix wasn't. A request to fellow screenwriters: Please don't use the following titles: "The Wand", "Back to Back", "Raising the Bar" (oops, TV got that one), "All American Girls", or "QZYK". Thanks.




Rex enjoys Facebook but is not that interested in status updates like "It's Saturday." He already knows that. However, he will accept the possibility that the poster of that update might have gone to work at 7am and found nobody in the office. Perhaps altering the update to read "It's Saturday. IWTWA7AFNITO IASAI" would have helped. (For those of you not fluent in the language of textspeak, IWTWA7AFNITO IASAI unzipped is "I went to work at 7 and found nobody in the office. I am such an idiot".)